Living with depression & Anxiety!

Have you ever felt like the depression is literally taking over your life?

I have not felt myself for a few weeks now & I just know it’s the depression doing what it does best. I feel like I have been sucked in to a dark black hole & Just can’t seem to climb out. No interest in anything or to do anything, Don’t want to talk to anyone. Everything & Anything is just getting on my last nerve.

But you know what I will get back up & Dust myself down as I always do. It may take a little while but I will do it! It’s just a blip after all right? Depression may kick me down but I will always get back up it will never ever defeat me.


Anxiety on the hand beat me it still does occasionally! Going back 3 year ago when I fell pregnant with my youngest son it got to the worst stage it has ever been. I slowly stopped going out I just wanted to be in my safe zone which is my home, My GP now said I was suffering with agoraphobia & Referred me to CBT therapy. But as I could not leave my safe zone it was all done through telephone calls. After weeks & Weeks of speaking through how I was feeling & Basically being told to just leave my house (as if it was that easy) I gave up on them.

How can you possibly live like that with 2 children? It’s not fair on them! I didn’t leave the house for a while but here I am today going out & Doing things with my children & My husband just like families do.

Do not let it beat you!

Taking my son to school just the simple things we take for granted when really they are precious. One day there will be no school runs to do, No cleaning up after my boys. Not doing their washing (well unless they stay living at home lol) No days out to the park. Just the little things! So while I have them here I’m going to do everything I can to keep my anxiety at arm’s length & Live my life. Happily.

Together we can help each other.

Will my anxiety keep trying to ruin me? Yes of course but as long as I have my children & My husband I will kick its ass.


My email is always open for anyone that needs a chat. We can beat it together!

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