Children! You Will Never Get 2 The Same?

You Will Never Get 2 The Same!

Every since I got my pregnant with my 2nd child (Now 2) I always used to have older adults telling me ‘You will never get two children the same’ Is it just a myth or is it actually the truth?

My Beautiful Children

Edward-Junior- When I gave birth to my first-born I was expecting the total opposite to what I got! Everyone used to say you will hate the night feeds, The nappy explosions, The screaming. I can honestly say it wasn’t bad at all. We were very lucky I had a lazy baby from being a weeks old. He slept through from 10-11pm until at least after 6am. He hardly ever screamed the house down. Well unless he was tired but didn’t want to sleep. We only ever had 1 bad night when he was teething.

Acid Reflux

Even his acid reflux didn’t bother him! Now he’s a 6-year-old (I blinked & He was 6) He’s such a well-mannered little boy, So caring & Loving (Total mammy’s boy lol) He’s a very sensitive little sole, He sees the good in everyone even when they have hurt him. He expects everyone to be friendly sadly. Being so caring & Sensitive makes him a target to others unfortunately, If he hurts himself he panics more so if he sees blood, He not boisterous at all.

Oscar- Then you have Oscar our second born, Another good baby who slept well & Didn’t get bothered over teething, He had Acid Reflux too a lot worse than Edwards, That did affect him, He was a very quiet baby too, Now hes 2-year-old & Totally different to Edward, He’s like what others would describe as a proper boy, Super boisterous,

No Fear In Oscar.

If he hurts himself he gets up & Laughs or shouts ‘That was awesome’ Lol! He has no fear at all, He’s very mischievous, You look at him & Think butter wouldn’t melt but when he’s up to no good you can see it in his eyes, He’s a little joker, Total wind up merchant, He’s not sensitive at all, Total daddy’s boys! I definitely think he is the one we are going to have trouble with. Especially in school for being the class clown lol. He just doesn’t care he’s a free spirit.

Is It True Or Not?

So in my case it is definitely true, I like them being the total opposites of each other its make being a mammy challenging & More fun (Ask me again when they are teenagers) Oscars going to have me grey haired. I just know it but I wouldn’t change any of boys for the world.



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