Sunday Is Not My Fun Day!

Normally I love Sundays

Spending the last day of the weekend with my little family before everyone is off back to work & School! Sunday was the best day of the weekend.

But I’m not feeling this Sunday at all! I feel exhausted & Have suffered with monster headaches for the last 2 days, To be fair with two hyper screaming boys I don’t expect anything less. I would say who doesn’t love the sound of their children having fun? Which I do love, Until it gets too high-pitched! The line had to be drawn at some point for today. Even a trip to the supermarket & A little drive in the car didn’t stop them! But hey tomorrow is a new day & Its inset day at school for Edward! So while hubby is sadly at work I still have both boys! Yay! As much as the screaming hurts my head I love having them home together. I am seriously dreading the day Oscar starts school!

It wasn’t a fun sunday.

We are pretty sure (I think) that we don’t want anymore children so I am trying to keep a hold of Oscar for as long as I can (Sad I know) Whatever their age they will always be my babies! I can tell I’m going to be one of them mothers, Who never let their kids fly the nest ha!

Anyway I’m just rambling now! So I’m off to have an early night & Hopefully be back tomorrow nice & Fresh, Ready to write a not so short & Sweet blog! Accept my apologies.

Enjoy your evening!


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