What A Fun Monday..

Monday is here again..

I dislike Monday so much, It comes around far too quick for my liking! But on the plus side I had a lay in until 8am this morning! Anyway fast forward an hour later, As I was sat watching the TV I heard Edward my oldest crying. Both boys were playing in their room so my first thought was fighting, They fight like cat & Dogs over bloody toys cars of all things! So I ran up the stairs like some sort of ninja. (Two steps at a time is not a good idea when you have little legs) To find Edward saying he was stuck & His arms were going to break.

As I climb up to his bed I find him stuck in his batman outfit & His school top over the top of it (Don’t ask me why) It wouldn’t have happened. But Edward has this obsession over his stuff so he hides everything in his dress up outfits! Only today (No exaggeration) He had 15 yes that’s right 15 teddies, A set of headphones, His key-rings, A pencil-case & A book stuffed in there. Is there any wonder why he was stuck? Being a nasty mam I had to laugh, It was hilarious! The poor sod was sweating buckets. After we got him out of it the first thing that came from his mouth was, Mam please don’t tell anyone!

Well that set it all in place for my blog, No doubt he will read this when he is older so I am saying sorry now. But it was too funny not to share.


Here is Edward dressed in his hulk onesie, With 4 or 5 teddies shoved inside. Just imagine what it was like this morning.


Have a great day all.


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