Where Have I Been & What Have I Been Doing?

I am back?

I’m now self hosted! Being away from my blog while everything got transferred over for me to now go self hosted, Has been a nightmare to say the least! But I am back! Everything transferred over fine but I missed my blog (Is that even normal?) I actually missed sitting with my laptop just rambling on like I normally do!

I couldn’t even imagine being a with out my blog now. Which I believe is a good sign! Who would want to do something they didn’t love? It’s helped with my mental health so much like you wouldn’t believe! Who would have thought it? Not me. But to be truthfully honest I never thought I would get here, Typing up blog posts for the whole world to read, Or to even have anyone reading it! From writing notes in my phone to a blog, Crazy!

From feeling like crap on Sunday I now know why, My bloody husband has passed on his germs to me! Headache, Sore throat & Full of snot (attractive I know lol) Now I’m just hoping the boys don’t get it, Oscar tends to get everything bless him. I must have sneezed at least 30 times just walking home, From a 10 minute school run! I don’t know why or if it’s just me, But I hate sneezing or coughing public. Everyone’s eyes just seem to focus on you. On the plus side Edward come out of school happy, He said he has a good day! Fingers crossed the bullying is sorted.

I missed my blog!

On Friday the school is holding an event, For mum’s & Nan’s. We are to pop in for 45 minutes & Make bracelets! I love anything handmade from my boys! I’d rather had a scribbled on card on Mother’s Day rather than a shop bought, I’m a very sentimental person, (so much so I have birthday cards from being 13 up to now) 10 years of birthday cards ha! Let’s not mention the Christmas cards.

I was due to get everything back up & Running yesterday, But something happened with the servers! So now it’s finally all done, The whole blog has been reset (Theme wise) So it may look a little different. Everything is running smoothly now, So expect the blogs to flow again as normal 🙂

Thank you always for your support!


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