Mother’s day at Edward’s school

Mother’s day & Nan’s day.

On Friday the 24th we had mother’s day at Edward’s school, It only lasted 45 minutes but it was lovely, Just to spend time with him.

We made a bracelet & He had to draw a picture of me, On a paper plate then turn it in to a flower, Bless him he ended drawing our family, So even though it was for Mother’s Day he added daddy & Oscar too. He is such a loving little boy & So thoughtful!

Our craft items we made together.

My bracelet we made together!
A picture of me & Edward
He says it says pretty, Beautiful & Helpful!
He evening included his friend dexter!
To friends he said this says.
We lost a petal!
We lost a petal!

He was so happy that I was in his school, He kept sitting down for a few minutes then he would say “I’ll be back in a minute mam” & End up coming back with bits of paper so he could write little notes for his dad too. Edward didn’t quite understand why he wasn’t making the same for daddy too! I tried to explain that he will on Father’s Day, Which of course then it turned to. “When is it children’s day?” Lol!

They wore red that day for Red Nose Day, Only my luck I had just sorted all his & Oscars wardrobe out, All the clothes that didn’t fit I sent to charity, To then realize on Thursday evening he didn’t have anything red anymore! Luckily hubby managed to get a red top early Friday morning. He ended up with a red Lego top which he asked if he could wear everyday for school! They were asked to pay a £1 donation & Then they were selling little biscuits for 20p so we got a few of them too! (I was good & Didn’t have any) Oscar isn’t allowed dairy! So he missed out too.

Every moment is precious.

Then this morning (Mother’s Day) Edward woke me up shouting happy Mother’s Day. He didn’t even give me a chance to open the card because he opened it! Cheeky so & so! The hubby made waffles! Yummy. But I have had a lovely day as I do everyday. As long as I have my children I’m always happy. Even if most of the time I’m ready to pull my hair out. The joys of being a mother but like us all I wouldn’t change it for the world!

I hope all the mothers out their had a lovely day too. Remember each & Everyone of us are beautiful & Unique!

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