Mental Health Scares Me!

Mental Health I hate you!

This has played on my mind for 2 days now, Sadly on Saturday afternoon we were driving home & As we passed a road it was full of police & A ambulance. It was a block of high-rise flats & Everyone we drove past was looking up. I was hoping it wasn’t what it looked like, Sadly that evening, It was confirmed. A person took their own life again due to mental health.

As we drove away I turned to my husband & Said it scares me in case I ever got to this point in my life. To feel so low & Depressed & Have no fear of harming myself, Like there is no way out. To feel so alone! I have said time & Time again there needs to be more help & Resources out there. To help me & Many others who suffer on a daily basis with mental health! I have suffered 7 year’s now & The only thing I ever get thrown at me is medication. Medication is never going to cure it, Maybe nothing will but there needs to be more options out there.

Remember to think before you speak!

I have had days were I am so so low that I just wanted to be alone, Even though I just wanted to be hugged & Told everything will be ok. Even then sometimes I could have a lot of support around me, But I have still felt alone. I always try my hardest to get out of that black hole & I thankfully have never harmed myself. Just because I haven’t it doesn’t mean others haven’t & Don’t, People who do not suffer just tell you to get over it. If only it was that easy, If you say that to someone who is already at a low point you could make them feel worse, Or make them feel like what they are feeling is stupid.

Mental health is real, Very real! It affects so many people, Some may know they are suffering but some don’t. They think its normal to feel that way! If you are suffering please speak to someone. Don’t feel like your feelings are stupid or that no one will not understand you. Because there is always someone who knows exactly how you feel. I am here always if anyone ever wanted to chat, It would always stay private & confidential.

If anything we need to support one another! You could speak to someone tomorrow & Potentially save their life, If someone looks sad give them a smile & Say hello! Just that one simple word could change their whole mindset.


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