My 10 Reason’s To Be Happy

Be Happy.

The 20th March was ‘International Day of Happiness, They lovely Amy over at asked me to take part in a 10 reasons to be happy post. Of course I was more than happy to join in the fun. I am not always happy, I do have my off days but these keep me happy! So I thought I would share them with you all.

Our Beautiful Son’s. They make my days so much brighter & Happier, There is nothing I love more than hearing them shouting “Mam” & Their giggles of laughter, Their squeezy cuddle’s & Hearing them tell me they love me! They are so precious.

My Amazing Husband. He really is the other half to me, He supports me in everything I do! He really is my best friend.

My in-laws. My in-laws have accepted me in to the family, Just like I am one of them & Always have been.

Life is what you make of it.

The weekends. I love nothing more than come Friday, Hubby finishes work half day & at 10 past 3 we go to pick our oldest son up from school together & We spending the whole weekend with all of us, Even if we are just staying indoors, Its being together as one that matters the most to me.

Shopping. I love everything about shopping, I love buying clothes for the boys or hubby, But I hate buying clothes for myself, Of course I don’t mind buying make-up! Its my therapy.

Decorating. I don’t enjoy painting as such but I do enjoy picking it all, Wallpapering is not too bad, Unless the paper is that awful type that never matches, But picking out all the accessories & Putting them in there places is the best part. After a few months I get bored & Change again (oops)

My blog. I made my blog to help with my metal health, I loved writing notes in my phone of how I was feeling etc, After a few months of thinking about making a blog, I did! It was the best decision I made for myself! I love blogging & Interacting with others. It may be small & Boring to some but its mine & That’s all that matters.

It’s never a bad life, Just a bad day.

Sweet tooth. Anything sweet I love! My waist doesn’t love it but I just have a mega bad sweet tooth! It makes me happy while I’m eating it, Then guilty afterwards LOL! If it keeps me happy for a little while then its worth it.

Nails. I really enjoy getting my nails done, They make me feel so much better. I mean who doesn’t like getting their nails done? It stops me biting them too!

The countryside. There is nothing I love more than a drive through the countryside, Seeing all the beautiful cottages, The little hidden lakes & The little bus stops that are placed in the middle of no where, One day I hope to be living in the countryside & Be able to just let the children run freely in the long grass (Dreams)

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