20 Random Facts About Me..

Random facts about me? Oh how fun!

Don’t expect anything too extravagant with my random facts. I’m a really boring person. (I do find myself funny though)


  1. I’m 5ft2 or 3.
  2. I wear size 5 shoes.
  3. I don’t have any tattoo’s. (I’m a wimp)
  4. My favorite color is pink or rose gold.
  5. My favorite take out is pizza hut.
  6. I drink nothing but flavored water. (Peach to be precise)
  7. I love a good book, True stories or anything romantic.
  8. I love buying make-up.
  9. I have to buy a postcard from every new place I visit.
  10. I keep everything & Anything that made memories.
  11. I love the smell of fresh-cut grass.
  12. I hate washing the dishes if the window is open. (Can not stand the smell)
  13. I am a very sentimental person.
  14. My favorite candle smell is anything vanilla.
  15. I have to play with a tag or the edge of the quilt cover when I go to bed.
  16. I am a compulsive buyer.
  17. I can never not tell anyone what I have bought them, I am so bad at surprises!
  18. I still have a night-dress from when I was 12, I will not bin it because my Nanna got it for me.
  19. My star sign is cancer.
  20. I always get asked for ID at the age of 24.Sign off logo


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