Evening Walks With My Family!

Evening walks. Thursday 30th of march.


Thursday morning didn’t look to promising for an evening walk, As we left for school it was dark & Grey! Little bits of spitting rain but come that afternoon it was lovely!

We ended up popping down the seafront, Once hubby came home from work, We grabbed some food & Took the boys scooters with us & Just went for a stroll! Normally I struggle with my back but it didn’t play up this time! Woo!

My teddy! It’s huge, You can slightly see Oscars little head ha!


Family is everything!

Being the big child hubby is, He said we would pop in to the arcades. Well that was is it, The big kid come out in me! Who doesn’t love the 2p machines though? I always hunt around them all to find the best prizes! I was determined to get Edward the Spider-Man key ring, Eventually got it after a few pound down & Then it got stuck. Just my luck! The arcade worker managed to get it for us then Edward went & Lost it before we even left.

We went in the photo booth & Got a family portrait done in pencil sketch, Won a minion teddy on the grabber & Hubby ended up winning me a huge brown bear! It was so close to the drop so he wasn’t ready to give up, A couple kept walking past us waiting for us to leave! In the end when we won the bear the women’s face was a picture! She wasn’t happy at all! We got it so close we weren’t going to leave it! After about £10 down we had it!

Problem we had then was Oscar wanted it! He went in a huge strop because it was mammy’s. He does love it though, I think it’s the whole softness of the teddy! It will probably get stolen from me soon enough.

It was a nice little evening, We hadn’t been down in a while but now it’s getting nice again we will probably be down the seafront a lot!

I hope you’s all had a lovely evening too whatever you’s did! 🙂

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