Welcome April! Where did you come from?

Well Well Well April!

So here we have it the start of April! Is it just me or are these months just flying by? It’s like I blink & A new month is here! Slow down already!

April’s has not been a good start for me already, I’m getting a nasty cold, My throats feels & Tastes like crap, I am so tired & Drained & We still have another week of school runs to do before the Easter break! I am thankful that I can write my blog posts from my phone though, I just can’t find the energy to go & Sit at my desk.

This month is a quiet month for us, No birthday’s until June (Yay) I have bought all the nieces & Nephews their eggs, The boys have their few so I can relax. Normally I leave it quite late & End up searching 20 or shops to get just one! Not this year though. Edward breaks up from school next Friday, We will have a whole two weeks together. Edward-Senior’s holidays are refreshed at work too, Hopefully he can take a few days off.

Our 1st day of April got worse as the day went on, Oscar found some paint outside, Ending up dropping it then decided walked through the house & Got green paint everywhere! I was mortified! He was like a giant green snot. Thankfully it was just emulsion, Hubby managed to get it off the carpet! Phew.

Then we put the boys to bed & A few hours later, Our downstairs neighbour decided because he had been out drinking all day, That he was man enough to start mouthing off! Just what we needed. He has been quiet for a few month & Not starting any arguments so we thought GREAT! Then surprise surprise. For him being in his 60’s I would expect more, Sadly not!

So all in all it’s not been a good start to April! Oh & I look great with the 2 monster cold sore’s that have suddenly arrived!

I hope your April will be better than mine.

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