Blogging, Does it make me happy?

 Who doesn’t love blogging?

After seeing so many posts saying ‘blogging doesn’t make me happy’ I thought I would throw my opinion out there.

I may have only been blogging for a short while, But I love it! I really do, As previously said what I suffer with daily. It keeps me almost sane, Well as sane as can be with my household lol!

I love having a good ramble, Meeting new people & Being busy. I used to just sit & Wait for the school day to be over just so I could pick my son up! Looking at the same four walls day in & Day was not very fun let me tell you. (Anxiety is a b*tch)

When I thought of creating a blog, Never ever did I think it would help me. Mental health side of things, Its helped massively!

Now I spend my spare time on all my social media accounts, Reading some of my favourite bloggers blogs, Writing ideas down or getting my next post ready to be published.

I do think, If you don’t enjoy something then you will never give it your all! It’s like working somewhere & Hating it. I personally couldn’t do it! (Well done to those who do)

As I have not been feeling to well over the weekend, It has give me some time to have a good look around on Pinterest. I never used to understand it but now I do & I love it! I Never understood what the hype was!

Maybe not feeling to good was a good thing after all? I did feel like I had just done a hundred rounds of boxing!

How does blogging make you feel? Do you enjoy it a lot? Do you blog just to cure boredom? I would love to know how else blogging makes people feel, Or how it has helped them.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging, Does it make me happy?

  1. Hi there
    I’m a newish blogger so I can relate to your post. It makes me feel sane, it’s something for me. It’s my hobby. I call it self therapy. I love your work and enjoy reading your blogs x

    1. It’s nice isn’t it, Just to have something for yourself without having to share it, I have to agree it’s like self therapy for me too! I’m glad your enjoy it & Thank you I will pop over to your blog x

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