A Letter To My wonderful Grandparents

To my wonderful grandparents- Nanna & Grandad.

Oh how I do wish you’s were here now, To tell you’s both just how much of special grandparents you both were & Still are! Loosing you’s both shattered my heart in to a million pieces. I never knew what the pain of loosing someone special was like until, I lost you both. A part of my heart that will never be fixable!

A letter I wish I could read to you both.

You both were the best grandparents I could have ever wished for, You may have well been my nanna & Granda but you’s were also like a mam & Dad too. No matter what went on in life you were both there. You never let me down. All the special memories I have with you both, All the traditions you’s made. I will forever carry on with my children. The big Easter bunny, Who every year made us an Easter egg hunt. I believed. The big pile of presents under the tree on Christmas day that father Christmas dropped off. I believed!

The Easter bunny!!
Christmas at Nanna & Granda’s

I will forever miss you’s.

The Sunday roast dinner’s you made without fail every week while granda went to the pub for a few hours, We used to wait for him at the door coming home so we could help him mash the potatoes! After dinner granda would always ask if we wanted to go for a sleep, We always said yes but we would be back downstairs within 10 minutes. Then the picky tea you would make us before we left to go home. Or when you used to bake butterfly cakes with us & Let us use the electric whisk, Licking the bowl clean once we were done. The little things made the biggest memories!

Or what about the times we would sleep over, I do have to say though, Them feather quilts & Pillows were so comfy but very noisy when we tried to sleep lol. Wearing granda’s t-shirts as our nighties, Waking up & Coming downstairs to a whole load of breakfast choice’s laid out. It was like a life of luxury! I did hate staying over when granda had work the next day! Having to get up really early so he could drop us off home in his sweeper. He always wrapped us up in his big work jackets to keep us warm though!

There is the nightie t-shirts lol!

Memories last forever.

Every time you’s went on holiday abroad, We would be brought pack a present! Those silly hat’s with all the dangling pompom’s. They were cool back then apparently. Not so much now looking back. But it does makes me smile! I did love my nesting doll’s very much ( The baby sized one was cute)

Oh the hat!

I could sit here all afternoon writing my memories because I have so many! I am forever grateful to have been blessed with the most loving grandparents ever. After leaving home at 16 Nanna you become my best-friend. Granted you would have liked me to have my first child when I was a bit older, But you loved Edward! You were over the moon he was born on granda’s birthday.

Sadly my granda had cancer & Passed a year before Edward was born. I always said if I had a boy he would have my granda’s name as his middle name but I was even more blessed to have him share his birthday with his pom-par.

Granda in his sweeper
Sleep well my angels.

Never did I ever expect to lose my nanna 2 years later to cancer again, It was a very short illness not long after we found out she had cancer we had roughly 8-10 week’s with her before she grew her wings, Thankfully I managed to get up to see her & She just lay there chatting away the whole time. Before I left she gripped my hand like never before. Sadly I was travelling up to both of them the day or the night before they grew their wings. I never got to say my goodbyes, But that’s ok I never would have said goodbye, I will see them both again. So its “I will see you’s later”.

Thank you’s for showing us what family is really about. The family is not like it used to be, You both were the glue that held us together. For giving me all those special memories that I will forever cherish & Do with my own children. And more so for everything you both did for me! Never once did any of you let me down when I needed you both the most. I will forever miss you’s.

I will love you’s right up until the day I die!

All my love always

Zoe xxx

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