Easter, Happy Easter Sunday Everyone.

Happy Easter to you all!

Hi all, How have you & Your’s spend this Easter Sunday? Whatever you’s did I hope you enjoyed the day. I have been in bed most of the day, Yesterday afternoon I hurt my back. I don’t know how though, But I have been in agony. So my not so much a happy Easter Sunday for me!

This morning we was awoken by Edward-Junior shouting at us that the Easter bunny had been. I can’t even remember the time it was that early! But he & Oscar were happy! We didn’t go over the top with the egg’s, They don’t need a silly amount, They just get very hyper off it anyway.

As you’s know Oscar is dairy free, But his uncle bought him a milk chocolate egg. Without hiding it so of course Oscar saw it. And it was peppa pig too which didn’t help as he loves peppa pig. We allowed him to have it & Thankfully no effects as of yet!

Our day has consisted of me being in bed, Hubby & The boys watching movie’s or the boys playing out then we ended it with a big fat KFC! Yummy. I did want to make a Sunday dinner but Edward forgot some of the Ingredients yesterday & Then he didn’t realize that all the supermarkets would be closed today. KFC was a good improvise!

So we didn’t do anything fun because of my back! But we spent the day together & That’s what means the most to us as a family.



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