Mental Health Awareness Week! 

Mental Health Awareness!

So this week is mental health awareness week, A subject that is very rarely spoke about, A subject that should be spoke about more! So many people suffer but don’t feel like they can talk about it.


Speak up about mental health! 

I know I didn’t want too, I felt ashamed & Thought people would have thought I was crazy! I can’t say people didn’t question me because they did. People have their own opinions. Which they are entitled too as we all are, But some things should be kept to themselves.

I was made to feel like the odd one out! Just because I & Many others have mental health problems it doesn’t mean we are not human. It does not define the people we are! We have our battles to fight daily & Not all of us speak out about it. For this very reason! Judgemental people. A lot of people are so set in their ways & ignorant to the fact a lot of things are happening around the world.

Educate Yourself Don’t Judge!

People should take the time to look things up instead of judging. Unless you have walked in my shoes don’t judge. We still deserve to be treated the same as others, Loved & Cared for! If anything I love too much & That is half of the problem. But that’s just who I am.

Imagine having to wake up each day with another battle to fight, More demons to get rid of & Paint a smile on like you’re the happiest person in the world. It’s hard, Very hard!

We Need To Fight Mental Health!

I’m still me but I’m not the same as I was. I wish I had those days back where I could do whatever I wanted. Just the simple things that others take for granted. I haven’t been in my local shop for years & It’s literally on my door step, Doing the school run everyday isn’t nice anymore, I’m constantly worrying, Panicking & sweating like I have just run a marathon. The stares you get is just ridiculous.

The lack of sleep I get because my mind is constantly active, My anxiety never gives me a break. If I’m not worrying about 1 thing I’m worrying about 10 others. Luckily at the moment I have Oscar at home to keep me occupied while Edward is at school. But come September I won’t have him here anymore as he will be starting nursery. I do hope one day I can be one of those parents who drop their children off at school & Then off they go for the day to do some shopping & Meeting up with friends for a coffee & A chin wag but I haven’t built any hopes up. Maybe I will get there but maybe I won’t, Only time will tell.

Support One Another.

Be their for one another & Lets fight our battles together.

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