Bank Holiday! What Did We Do?

Bank Holiday Weekend Fun!

Don’t you just love it when it’s a bank holiday? I do! No school runs to do & We get to spend an extra day with hubby! Family time is the best. This bank holiday hubby surprised us & Took leave from work from Thursday so we had Thursday until Monday with him! Exciting.

We decided we would take the boys away that weekend & Surprise them. It was all a bit of a mad rush with it being so last-minute but we managed to get everything in place & Ready.


We were surprising the boys & Taking them to Thomas land at Drayton manor! My boys love Thomas. Edward has always been obsessed with Thomas! It was roughly a 3 hour drive away so we decided to book a hotel for the Friday night so we could do the Thomas land VIP the next morning as you have to get there early.

We packed everything & Left as soon as we picked Edward up from school, With it being the bank holiday weekend the roads were busy. Everyone must have been travelling so it took a little longer to get there but we got there in the end. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express at Lichfield, It was lovely & Clean with a 24 hour McDonald’s right on the door step & A drive through Costa! That’s what you call winning. Drayton manor was only literally a 5 minute drive down the road too.

Family Time!

I decided to tell the boys that evening where we were going, Hubby didn’t want to as they would be too excited to sleep. Typical me said no they would be fine. Well how wrong was I? They were just full of energy again after they read the note I made for them! Bad move Mammy, They wouldn’t settle after that but it was all part of the experience. Who wouldn’t be excited?

That night when everyone fell asleep I was laying trying to sleep but my mind was doing overtime. After what happened in Manchester only a few days before made my anxiety rocket! We were going to a very big busy place after all. After a little while I must have drifted off! Next thing I knew it was 7:30AM & My alarm was ringing. Everyone else slept through it surprisingly!

The Morning Arrived!!

We decided the night before that we would get up & Get dressed then head down for breakfast before we left. Well that didn’t happen! I could straighten my hair or even apply any make up because I was sweating buckets! I wasn’t hot, I was just sweating from my face, Neck & My hands. Even sitting right in front of the fan wasn’t helping! I knew what was going on but every time hubby asked I said I wasn’t sure. I didn’t want to worry him just because I was worrying & I didn’t want the boys knowing.


We just left once we were dressed & Went straight down to Drayton manor. We were early so there was only roughly another 20 cars or so there. As we walked around to get in through the main entrance we were greeted by security. They were scanning everyone & Searching bags. That eased my mind a little! There was also police officers inside just watching & Observing.


The Excitement Made Us Forget!

Stupidly we forgot Oscar’s pushchair at home, There was no way he would last the full day walking around in this heat. So hubby left the theme park & Popped to Argos to get a cheap stroller just to cover us for the day! When he returned he told me that there was now armed police officers outside the gates & The main entrance. Now I felt totally at ease & Felt like I could actually enjoy the day with my little family & That is exactly what we did.

We had such an amazing day, The boys loved it & Edward could go on some of the bigger rides with daddy! I didn’t I hate rides the feeling that you get in your tummy when something is fast gets me every time! The ride Edward went on with his dad for being 6-year-old amazed me! No fear in this boy. Hubby told me it was Dodgems but in fact it was a huge fast roller coaster! Crazy crazy crazy.

Making Memories.

We spend a lot of money on photos that day! I took my own photos too but it’s nice to get the ones that the ride’s take so you can see their faces on the ride, We got a family one at the VIP bit that morning & The boys got their very own driving licenses. Edward now thinks he can drive a train when he turns 7! Lol.

                 Daddy-Oscar & Edward

All in all it was a great weekend, A one we will all remember. We drove home that evening & The boys crashed out in the back (lucky sods) On the Sunday hubby said he was taking us out for dinner. Nothing beats someone else cooking you a roast dinner does it? Monday we decided to just stay at home before reality come back & Slapped us in the face. The busy weekend had caught up on us & We were all tired but it was so so worth it. To see the constant smiles on the boys faces was what we wanted to achieve. But to see my hubby enjoying himself too made my heart full.

Holiday Over Back To Reality.

Now I am sat on this beautiful Wednesday afternoon wishing Friday would hurry up. I miss us all not being together! Being a family & Doing things together means the world to me. I would be lost without my little family that is for sure & Even more so last weeks tragic event in Manchester hit me more than anything! You should live everyday like it could be your last & Never take your family for granted. Family is precious! Always tell those you love that you love them.


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