A Letter To My Sons! I Am Sorry..

My sons, My babies, My little best friends.

To my son’s Edward & Oscar, A letter to say sorry! Only I as your mother can only apologise for bring you two beautiful, Amazing little boys in to this ugly world! I never thought it would ever come to this, Even I am scared, But I can’t show the fear I am feeling around you both. You are two innocent little boys who don’t need to see any of this.

If I could change it for you both & Every other person in this world, I would! You may see me as your super mam but not even I can sort this. If I knew this was going to happen in our world back in 2009 I wouldn’t have tried to have a baby. Don’t ever get me wrong you both know I love you both with every inch of my heart. But it doesn’t change the fact that I can’t guarantee that I will always be there to protect you. I would never want to see you hurt, You both are my babies & Always will be! But you have to grow up in & Around all this.

This happens all the time around the world & As much as it’s breaks my heart that this is what it has come too & All those lives taking by selfish horrible individuals. It has hit me a lot harder now it’s so close to home, In our country. No one deserves this, Bring peace not war.

The reason for my letter.

In the past 3 month we have lost so many people including very young children in our country! Innocent people who never did anything wrong. Sadly our world includes sick twisted individuals. But always remember my boys there is more good people out there than bad. Unfortunately it’s most of the bad things that happen that’s get shown on TV & In newspapers. Don’t let that make you believe everyone is bad because I promise you they are not.

I along with daddy are bringing you both up the best way we possibly can, Trying to give you both the life you deserve & More. To love one another & Treat everyone the same, Be happy, Make memories & Laugh just as much as the air you’s breathe in! Make life good, Enjoy the happy times because sadly not everyone can. Do it for them, Smile for them & Love for them. Make this world a better place for when you eventually go on to have children & Teach them the same! Life is what you make of it & You only get one go at it so live everyday like it is your last & Surround yourself with good people.

A letter to always remember!

I love you both my baby boys, I will try my best to protect every inch of you’s until I take my last breath. I wish this world was a better place for you both I really do! I’m sorry, It has turned out this way. For you both & For all the other innocent children who don’t need to see all this evil.

No matter what colour, Race, Religion or class we are, We are all the same! We shed the same tears, Bleed the same colour & Love the ones who love us! It’s times like now we should become one & Stand up for our lives, Our children’s lives & Our future families lives & To not keep living in fear.

My love always, Mammy xxx

My heart & Thoughts are with everyone who has been effected by these evil, sick, Twisted individuals.

Stand together as one! We are one.

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