Health anxiety makes everything seem worse!



Have you ever sat & Thought is the pain or this little mole going to kill me or this rash? Health Anxiety does this. It literally sucks the life out of you. It’s all the “But, what ifs & Maybe’s”

Last week I come out in this rash, It started off as little red spots, Just 5 little one’s! Well that soon got bigger quickly. By the next day one leg was basically covered, Not by just little red spots anymore. But by blotches that wouldn’t fade, Some red & Some purple. Panic soon set in when it wouldn’t fade under a glass.

Mind my little stubbly hairs! Haha.


Even more panic hit when my joints were hurting! I could hardly bend my knee. What was happening & Why? In all my life I never seen a rash like it nor did my mother. Was this even a normal rash? I had no idea. Off to the walk in centre I went, 2 hour wait to be told by the doctor “I have no idea” Why didn’t he know? I needed to know or how would I ease my mind? He said to just take antihistamines & Put E45 on the rash.



I knew that wouldn’t stop me worrying, So hubby said we will go up to the main A&E. Another 2 hour wait, Then to be told I would have to wait another 2.5 hours to see a doctor. As much as I worry I had to think of the boys, They had both been to school & Nursery all day. They needed their beds so I discharged myself & Went home.


Come Monday evening hubby come home & As soon as he seen my legs he said we needed to get it sorted. It had now spread right up to the top of my legs & Bottom of my back! What was this? I decided to call 111 to get some advice before deciding to go, There is much strain on hospital staff, If I didn’t need to go I would rather know not to go. They called me back at 11PM & Said I needed to be seen ASAP! Hubby needed to take me up but of course the boys were in bed it was late after all. I really didn’t want to wake them but the doctor said it was better to be safe than sorry. I agreed! My boys need their mammy.




After 7 & A half hours up there, I was getting tired & Fed up I just wanted to be home & Get some sleep. I was allowed to go home eventually as my bloods came back clear & So did a urine sample. I just had to have a follow-up with my Doctor, That didn’t happen he refused to see me. He sent back to the hospital. Luckily I seen a lovely doctor & A skin doctor who finally got to the bottom of it, I have a Purpura viral rash, No meningitis as previously suspected. It should clear within 6 weeks! I need to have bloods & Urine samples done until its clear as it could affect my Liver & Kidneys. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that it will clear up & That will be the last of it.


I will be glad to see my lily white legs again with no red blotches & Not feel like I have arthritis in my joints. 24 going on 94 at this rate.




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