My birth story with Edward.


Last bump picture at 41 weeks & 5 days!

Here was the day we had all been waiting for, My due date. Friday the 13th of January 2011. Would I give birth today? Would my story start today? I was so ready to meet him! I loved feeling his kicks & Little hiccups but I wanted him in my arms. We waited long enough after all! 9 month is a long time but so exciting.

My due date came & Went with still no sign of our baby boy making an appearance. I’m sure a few more days wouldn’t be too bad. 41 weeks came & Still not even a little niggle, The midwife offered a sweep but I declined. I heard it hurt so I knew I didn’t want it, Silly I know as the pain I was going to face was going to be a lot worse. She booked me in at the hospital for an inducement date just in case he didn’t arrive. Our inducement date was given. The 26th of January at 9pm & Now it was the final countdown.


Everything was ready it had been for a while but we went over it again & We were good to go. The night of the 25th arrived, Just gone 9pm & My mobile rang. It was the hospital, They asked why I hadn’t turned up for my inducement? I had been told & It had been wrote down that I wouldn’t be going in until the 26th so someone made a mistake there. She told me it was fine & Just to go in the next evening at the same time.

It then hit me, He would potentially be born on my granddad birthday who sadly passed in 2010. I hoped & Prayed he would, When we found out the sex & We knew he was a boy. From leaving the hospital to getting home we had already decided his name. He would be Edward after his daddy & William Gordon would be his middle names after my granddad. Aswell as after my fathers & My brother (Its tradition so it goes back many years).


The day had arrived, Tonight we would be going in to have our baby! We will finally be able hold him in our arms & Be a family of 3. I was so ready but as the time got closer my stomach was in knots, I felt sick. What was going to happen? What should I expect? I had no idea. We left in a taxi for the hospital, We were there all booked in just waiting. 11pm come & It was time to get a pessary in to try & Get things moving.

My waters tried to get broken but it didn’t work. 1:30am came & The pains had started, Just mild nothing too strong. Well that didn’t last long by 4:30am I was ready to push & Was sucking on the gas & Air like no tomorrow. I was determined to just have gas & Air. Now the end was near I knew it wouldn’t be much longer.

I told big Edward that I felt like I peed myself, He grabbed the midwife so she could check & I didn’t pee myself it was just my waters. Yayy! The midwife put her apron on & Get the little cot ready. It was time! After pushing & Pushing I was getting no where, My baby wasnt coming out! After a few doctors getting called in we tried for a little longer & He still wasnt coming. He was stuck behind my cervix & No amount of midwives trying to walk my cervix forward was not changing anything.


Everything had to stop, I felt the urge to push but nothing was happening, I was getting tired. The midwife came in & Said she had booked me in to get a epidural then I would be taking down to theatre so they could try forceps. After all the pain I had been in & Didnt ask for the epidural to now being told I had to have it, I cried like a baby, I was devastated truly, But not every birth plan will actually go to plan.

We waited a good 2 hours until the doctor arrived to fit the line, I was so sleepy but I needed my baby out. Then while waiting for it to take effect the midwife was back, My babies heart rate was dropping dramatically! He was distressed & Needed to be out. I was panicking, We all were! I just wanted my baby to be safe.


I can’t even remember the time, I just remember having to take my hair bobble out & Get changed in to one of the hospitals robes, I was told I could only have 1 person with me. It was either big Edward or my brothers partner, Of course I chose Edward. There was no way he was missing his son entering the world! I was wheeled down to theatre while a nurse took bog Edward away to get him ready for theatre. I seemed like he was gone forever, I was constantly asking where he was.

And then.. Here he was dressed in blue scrubs, A blue hair net thing & Croc’s! As soon as I seen him I burst out laughing! What the hell was he wearing? The room was filled with doctor’s, They put a sheet up so I couldn’t see what they were doing, A doctor sprayed me with some cool air to make sure I couldn’t feel it. Then I had the warning that I would feel a lot of tugging. I was so scared, Laying there under a big light with a lot of doctors just standing around.


I just remember a nurse holding my right hand & Edward holding my left, Then a doctor peered over the screen & Told us our baby boy was here. But why wasnt our baby crying? Not even a peep was to be heard?! Me & Edward just looked at each other panicked, The colour drained from our faces, Was our baby ok?

A few minutes passed, Which felt like a lifetime & There is was! Our baby was crying. The tears just flowed! Edward disappeared from my side & Before I even realised he was back with our beautiful boy wrapped up in his arms. I knew I loved our baby but just seeing him for the first time the love just got more intense, I never knew I could love a tiny little human so much!

I couldn’t hold him just yet as I tore & Had to be cut during it all so I need stitched, I was left with a 3rd degree tear. As soon as I was done the nurse took our baby while I got transferred to recovery & Big Edward went out to call family members. Once I was in the recovery room my baby was finally placed on to me. I was on cloud 9, He was so beautiful & Just perfect. A feeling I will never be able to explain.


We were wheeled back to our room to be reunited with daddy & My brothers partner, I couldn’t feel my legs so I couldn’t get up, Little man got dressed & Got placed back with me, How did we make something so perfect? My brothers partner left after a little while then it was just us 3, My own little family. I wasnt allowed home until 2 days time but knowing the day we could leave wasnt long away made the time go over quicker.

Big Edward would come for every visiting hours, He was so drained bless him. My parents came to visit us & My brothers partner came back with a much-needed McDonald’s.

Home time arrived, I just needed to get my catheter out, Get my stitches checked & Get little mans ears tested then we were good to go. Our first night home was just how I dreamt it would be. My own perfect little family.


Little man arrived on my granddads birthday which made it all so much more special, Edward William Gordon, 27/01/2011 08:31am weighing 7lb 4.5oz.




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