My birth story with Oscar.


17TH OF JULY 2014

Last bump picture at 40 weeks & 3 days.

Due date!!

The day before I celebrated my birthday & Went for what we thought would be our last check up with midwife to check how Oscar was doing. But no that wasnt the last time, I went back on the 23rd for a sweep. My waters were ready & Everything was soft! I was 2cm’s so I hoped this would hopefully push him to want to be out. We couldn’t wait to meet you Oscar.

Well how wrong was I! My inducement date was set for the 26th if he still didn’t decide to come before then. Everything was crossed. I just wanted to go in labour on my own.

25TH OF JULY 2014

Still no sign of little man coming out so we decided to go for a walk with both Edward’s, My niece & My mother. It was lovely hot day but way too hot to be pregnant & Waddling around! We decided to stop by the stream & Let the kids have a splash around & Throw the rocks back in to the stream.

All was well until a rock bounced of my stomach, My niece threw it by an accident & It hit me. I didn’t hurt & Little man was still being him normal self with movements.


Edward was tucked up in bed, I had a long soak in the bath & Went to bed to watch tv. I suffered with SPD so I was in agony from all the walking I did earlier. 11pm came & I started to get little twinges! Was this finally going to be it? I called my mother & She was begging me to go up to hers just in case it was, I declined they weren’t painful & I was in bed. A few hours passed & By 3am they had picked up getting closer together & Stronger. We grabbed what we needed & Let in a taxi to go to my mothers.

Poor little Edward didn’t know what day it is, My brothers partner came to my parents to collect him as she was looking after him while I was in hospital. It was going to be a long night, We decided to try & Get some sleep while we could. By 9am the contractions were nearly at breath-taking point & I couldn’t sleep through them anymore. After a while I had a bath & Waited for my parents to get back from the shops so my dad could take us to hospital.


We arrived at the hospital, We sat in the waiting area in the birthing suite until they had somewhere for me, After 10-15 minutes they took me in to a side room to examine me. I was 5cm dilated but he was ready to make his way out & Didn’t I know it, I was asked to go do a wee sample & I literally started crying, I was bleeding like I was on a period! I never had that happen with Edward or maybe I did but didn’t see it. They said it was fine & To not panic.


I was moved down to the birthing suite, I was so glad I could be in here this time. It so calm & Relaxing with all the soothing lights & Comfortable beds. Partners can stay over too with you so that is another bonus. My room lucky had a birthing pool in their which I wanted to try out! They asked if I would like to try it so I did, They asked if I wanted my socks off which I replied saying “No I don’t want Verrucas” I don’t know why I said it but I did. They just laughed & Assured me it has been cleaned thoroughly.

The pool was going great, I felt a pop & I honestly thought I had pooped, I was constantly asking if I had but I didn’t it was just my waters. As soon as it happen they told me I needed to get out & Get on the bed as oscar decided to have poo inside of me. Luckily he was ready to come. They gave me the gas & Air & It was time to push.


He was here, It was all over with so quick I wasn’t even sure what time or day it was. Big Edward & My mam was crying & All I kept saying was that he was the image of his big brother. Thankfully I only grazed this time so only needed a few stitches. For just giving birth I felt great. After he was dressed I went outside to call my brother & My dad to let them know he was here safe. My dad couldn’t believe how quick it happen, He just got home from dropping us off as I called him.

My brother brought Edward down to see us & To meet his little brother. Edward walked in with balloons & Just looked at Oscar like he was an alien, He looked terrified. We planned to keep Edward there with us & We would all go home together as a family of 4. Big Edward walked my brother out & Little Edward followed only for him to not come back in! He said he wanted to stay with my brother again. I think he was scared of Oscar bless him.


Oscar had to get some blood taken from his hand to make sure our bloods didn’t mix as I needed the anti D injection with both pregnancy’s. We finally then got discharged at 1am in the morning, A Saturday night trying to get a taxi was frustrating we had a long wait. But we finally got him & We were both very well. Edward got used to him the next day too & Now they love each other like little best friends.

Oscar Edward born on the 26.07.2014 at 13;02 weighing 7lb 14oz. Another perfect little boy.








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