Interview with my six year old.

Thank you the lovely Emily over at Emily And Indie for asking me to take part in the Interview with my…’ tag,
I decided it would be best to ask Edward rather than Oscar, Only because Oscar wouldn’t stop with the answers LOL.


 1. What’s the best thing about being 6?
Because you get to learn in school & Play football.
2.What makes you laugh?
Knock knock who’s there, That’s what makes me laugh.
3.Who do you love, and why?
I love Mam because she’s pretty, Smart & Beautiful. (He’s a mammys boy bless)
4.What’s your favourite book?
The three little super pigs.
5.What’s your favourite food?
Weetabix with banana.
6.What’s your favourite song?
Once I was 7 year old.
7.What’s your favourite outfit?
My batman & Iron man costume. (dress up not an outfit)
8.What’s your favourite TV programme?
The Simpsons.
9.What’s your favourite toy?
My Scooby doo playset & Cars.
10.What’s your favourite thing to do?
He loved doing this, He knew he was going on mams blog.

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