Christmas Eve traditions.


Christmas is my favourite time of the year, I’m sure many will agree. As I got older I wasn’t to fazed by it but now I have children I love it again. More so all the little things you can buy now to make it that bit more special for them on Christmas eve.

On Christmas eve we all have our baths, Put our new Christmas pjs on & Normally watch a film, It is always Home Alone or The Polar Express. The boys either have their hot chocolate or chocolate milk before bed the we go & Buy helium balloons & Let the boys set them off for our angels. Quickly put the reindeer food down, Hang the key up & Make Santa’s snacks. Then its bedtime.

The boys have their own Christmas eve boxes so we fill them then they get delivered on Christmas eve.


  • Santa letter each
  • Reindeer food each
  • Santa key which is shared
  • Christmas pjs
  • Dvd
  • Hot chocolate cone
  • Sweets
  • Christmas Eve book

That is what we do in the Lynch household, I will add photos below to show you all.



I asked a few blogger to tell me what their traditions are, So here they are. Enjoy & Go check out their fab blogs.

1. Christy from Welsh Mom Of One said- On Christmas Eve we always have a buffet dinner as a family (last year we did sushi!) and then afterwards we watch a Christmas movie and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream. We always have a new pair of PJs to unwrap and get into and I’ll have put the Christmas duvet on the beds earlier in the day so the bedroom feels really festive when you head to bed.

2. Sarah from Digital Motherhood said- On Christmas Eve we do something like ice skating or going to see the Christmas lights. Then come back home, Christmas PJ’s on and watch a film!


3. Kim from Raising a Ragamuffin said- In the afternoon we watch The Polar Express with hot chocolate. In the evening we have a Christmas Eve box with new pj’s for us all (me, daddy and little one) and a new Christmas book that we read together before bed. 

4. Jess from Mrs Hible said- On Christmas Eve we tend to snuggle down and watch our favourite Christmas movie Elf all together as a family. We then get the children bathed and ready for bed in their new pjs they get new ones every year. We then sprinkle reindeer food outside. Read the night before Christmas with hot chocolate, get santas plate ready and go to bed.

5. Anna from Popitha said- On Christmas Eve, we take the twins to the Zoo to wave goodbye to the reindeer before their busy night ahead! They have carols and dancing around them! I love it!!


6. Pete from Household Money Saving said- We have taken to watching Home Alone on Christmas Eve. When that’s finished, we then put a biscuit, carrot and some milk by the fire. The kids take their stockings to their bedrooms and it’s bedtime.

 7. Kelly-Anne from Mimi Rose And Me said- Our traditions on Christmas Eve normally we work our way through to the Christmas Eve Basket filled with goodies and activities. Then order a Christmas pizza, literally this is the most amazing pizza! While we wait for our pizza, we normally get dressed in our matching Christmas pjs and settle down watch films, eat pizza and crack open the choc box! 


8. Emma Louise from The Mini Mes And Me said- I alternate Christmas Eve with the children’s dad as we aren’t together but generally we have a Christmas Eve box with a movie, new pjs, some snacks etc and then make hot chocolate and relax as a family. We of course pop a carrot, milk and mince-pie out too!
Thank you to all you lovely bloggers for taking part. It’s so nice to see how others spend their Christmas Eve.
Dont forget to check out their blogs!


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