This weekend we headed back home, Back up to Newcastle to see our family.

We travelled through the night so it would be easier, No traffic, The boys slept through & So did our dog coco. Never had such a pleasant quite drive. We left at roughly 1:30am, Hubby slept a few hours before we left while I finished the last bits of packing.

We got to my Mams at 9am which would have been earlier. but breaks for the toilet & For hubby to rest his legs it took a little longer. We got there & Mam had to go to work so she took Edward with her & We went for a nap. The night before we left my joints were sore again. Nothing new since having the Purpura rash. But when we got to Mams I was finding it hard to walk, Only to realise my foot & Ankle balloons twice its size. Typical! Just what I needed.

Tyne Bridge.

my newest nephew was born 4 weeks ago so I was dying to go & Meet him. Few hours nap then hubby dropped me off at my sisters while he went to his sisters with the boys. He is so bloody cute! But I am not broody.

My sister & I fell out for a few year so I hadn’t met her second born so I met him to, He’s a little menace but you wouldn’t think so looking at him he looks like butter wouldn’t melt. And her first born he’s just never changed, He is comical. All 3 are beautiful little boys.

By the time I left my sisters I could hardly walk with my foot, So Saturday I decided to just stay indoors at mams & Go through all the old family photos. My nana loved the camera mind! 1000’s of photos. So many happy memories & Good times. I was sat for a good 6+ hours scanning them.


Sunday was the day we were leaving, I wish we could have stayed longer but the boys had school & I finally had my appointment with the dermatologist. We left mams at dinner time & Headed over to the cemetery to put some flowers down for my mother & Father in laws grave.

It was such a short trip but a lot of nice time spent with family. Was it worth the long hours of driving? Hell yeah. Time is precious & We should all use it wisely. One day our time will be up.


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