Perfect parenting, what is that?


What even is perfect Parenting? There is no right way you should parent your children, Well not in my opinion anyway. No amount of books out there will make you a perfect parent. You learn as the days pass. People may seem perfect on social media, But that is exactly what it is social media! We choose want we want to put out there.

I add pictures of my boys when they are being sweet & Innocent, When in reality they are ripping each other apart. I am ripping my hair out & Shouting like a crazy lady trying to hold it together. Most days I just want to run away & Come back when they are sleeping. Not so perfect hey.


Kids push you to your limits, They can drain the life out of you like you wouldn’t believe. For them being such little humans they are hard work very hard work when they want to be. Gone are the days when you can go shopping in peace, Or even have a shower. My 6-year-old is like a teenager at the minute, I dread them days. The cheek, back chat, The moods are horrific. Then you have Oscar who copies everything Edward does so I then have 2 mini teenagers to deal with.

Most days I just want to scream & Shout “Give me strength” If only that worked. You can leave the room for a breather & They are there right behind you. I never had patience before I children but I do now, Well sort of.

But it’s not all bad, Being a parent is so rewarding. The love you feel is like nothing felt before. The cuddles & The little praises telling you, You are the best. There is more good than bad days (Sometimes)

So when you think all these parents on social media are perfect then think again. There is not & Never will be a perfect parent, We all have our off days as well as our children.


You do what you do, You’re doing the best you can & That’s  all that matters. Never doubt yourself.

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