Create your own cake smash at home. 


Do you want to create your own cake smash? Maybe for your child’s birthday? Or simply just for the fun times.

I decided I want a cake smash for Oscars first birthday & I knew I would get some good pictures from it too. Oscars birthday is in July so trying to find a photographer who isn’t busy doing weddings was hard. All fully booked. This cake smash was happening no matter what! After all we won’t be having another child to do it with.

I had my Nikon camera sat there, I just needed the props, Cake & Back drop. Sounds simple enough right?


So off I went browsing the internet for what I needed. I found a little set to dress him in, A nappy cover & A bow tie! So cute. A big chocolate giant cupcake from Asda & I also found some child sized wooden utensils. Oh a little bunting too. What would I use for the backdrop though? I didn’t want it spread in to the carpet or up the walls. Then the light switched on! Why not use a plastic table cover? It would solve all the worries I had & Its affordable.


  • Nappy cover & Bow tie set- EBay
  • Little wooden utensils- EBay
  • Bunting- EBay
  • 2 large white Plastic table covers- EBay
  • Giant cupcake- Asda


A cheap & Easy photo shoot & No waiting for the pictures to come back! Bonus. Affordable for all if you’re on a budget or like me, Couldn’t find a professional. I really enjoyed it. So much fun & It was more special because I done it myself.

I will attach a few of the 100 pictures I took below so you can see how well it works.

Once you have your pictures  all you need to do (if needed) is to smooth out the lines from the cover where it had been folded. If you recreate your own cake smash give me a tag, I would love to see them! Also remember a dirty baby is a happy baby. Have fun!

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