Until we meet again.


Sadly at the end of November beginning of December 2017, We were told our grandad had cancer and it was untreatable. We knew at that stage that there was only going to be one outcome. We knew what we were about to face, This would be the 4th family member to have cancer & Pass over in the last 7 year.

Nothing could prepare anyone with how quick he would deteriorate. We had 5 weeks from the day he found out until the day he passed. Of course I wish we had longer but I’m so glad we didn’t. He suffered so bad, He was a lot worse than any of the other family members. No one should ever have to suffer to that extent. EVER!

The Granda we knew was always on his feet, He was either walking up to the shops or walking his dogs. You would only catching him sitting if he was watching the horses. His dogs were his best friend. He fed his dogs better than he fed him self. (True fact) So when it came round to him being bed bound it was weird to see & No doubt horrible for him because that was never him. Before he become really ill I had rang & Spoke to him a few times. It was always short & Sweet but that was Granda.

My mam & Her sister were now caring for him. They done him proud & All of us. When he got to the point where he was really poorly his 3 sisters came to help too. They would all take it in turns to sit with him. A few days before he passed his 4 children all came together one night & Spent it spending time with their dad & Looking after him. His heart would have been bursting having them all there together. You only ever see everyone together now when there is an event which is ok, Everyone has their own life’s now & Their own family’s.


The night he passed I spoke to him, He couldn’t speak now & Was just in a very deep sleep. My mam rang me & Put the phone to his ear so I could say my goodbyes & To tell him I loved him. I told him to go now & be free, We would miss him of course but we didn’t want to see him suffer no more. An hour later I got a text from my sister & I just knew he was going to go. Minutes later I got another text asking me to ring her but the signal was shocking so I couldn’t get through, I got through to my cousin who was also there who told me he has passed about 4 minutes ago. He passed with his 2 daughters holding his hands, His sister was their & 2 Of his grandchildren. Of course his dog was there too, She hadn’t been wanting to leave him. She knew.

Before he passed he had told everyone that when he goes he would like his dog to go too. He knew & So did we that no one could ever look after her like he did. I don’t think she would have been able to survive without him also. The main this is, He is know at peace & Back with all his loved ones who he missed dearly & Back with my Nanna. I hope & Pray we never have to go through this again. I just feel all warm inside, Not filled with sadness, I feel very content which I have never felt like before. Must be because I know he’s at peace now & I got my chance to say goodbye.


The memories I have with him & my Nanna will forever stay with me. He was always called grumps but he really did he a soft heart. I remember getting picked up from school off him twice a week & I would go & Have tea at their house. I remember staying over there quite a lot & Even now I can still see it like it was yesterday. I would mostly sleep on grandas side & Pinch his chocolate from his bedside table. In the morning I would get a cup of tea & Toast. That’s how I begun to like marmalade, From then on that was always my choice for breakfast. I remember they had a drawer in the kitchen & It was filled with loads of biscuits. It was heaven because biscuits didn’t last long at home.

I have so many memories but if I typed them all I would be here all day. They are my memories & Forever they will stay.

Until we meet again Granda. I love you very much. Sleep well.

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