Forgotten who you are as a person?


Do you often forget that you are your own person? You are not just a mother or a wife. You are you. Life can get so busy that you actually forget who you are as a person, As your own person. I know I do.

Sometimes I forget that I am Zoe. Yes I am a mother & A wife but I am also me. Before I got married or Before being blessed with 2 beautiful children I was me, Zoe. Now looking back I actually miss being me. Not because I had no responsibilities because I love having responsibilities but having the time to do the small things. Such as being able to blow dry your hair, Getting dressed & Making yourself presentable without rushing. It may seem silly to some but it’s huge to me, I don’t feel as much like me anymore. I used to sit & Do my nails but now if I do, I know I will be needed for something so there is no point doing them because they will smudge. The joys!


I know we all as humans will have some sort of feeling of how I feel now. We are human & That is what we do. Looking in to it, We actually work like robots. We get stuck in to a routine & It just ends up becoming the normal. If you are not happy with it, Change it. Change it for you, Changes are good now & Again.

This year I want to make more of an effort to bring me back in to the picture, Do some of the things I enjoy. Just little simple things. A little pamper, Go for my nails done or making an effort with my hair. A simple straighten will do me just fine. It doesn’t need to be massive things. I know I won’t be the only one with this feeling.

Join me & Make a change, What are you going to bring back in to your life?

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