Happy 7th birthday Edward!


WOW! I can’t even tell you where these 7 years have gone? It doesn’t feel like 7 years ago that I met you for the first time. I remember that day, So very clear. Of course I do it was the 1st best day of my life. 7 happy years have passed but we have many more to come.

From finding out I was pregnant with you, I loved you & Couldn’t wait to meet you. Come 08:31am was the moment I had a doctor peer over the blue sheet & Congratulate me. The tears just streamed down mine & Your dads face. The day we had longed for was here! 42 weeks to be precise. You weren’t in any rush!


The first time I held you was when I went in to the recovery room. Just me & You! You were so small, Your skin felt like silk it was so soft. You had marks on your face off the forceps but you were still so beautiful. Tiny little hands & A little button nose. I remember telling myself that you were mine, All mine. I was now a mammy!

You were the perfect baby, No one knew you were there unless you were due a bottle. Slept like a baby? Truly slept like a baby. You were very advanced for your age, Baths were always calm, Well until it was time to come out. You weren’t a fan of being cold, Still aren’t now. Ever since being to crawl you have followed me around like a lost sheep. Total mammys boy!


Now here we are 7 years on, We couldn’t be any prouder of the little boy you have turned in to. You are the most caring, Happy & Loving little boy I know. Still stuck to my side like I knew you always would be. You can be so over dramatic at times but that’s who you are, if you weren’t it wouldn’t be you. A typical boy in to all the gadgets & Football! You love just sitting in your room chilling as you call it. Forever eating us out of house & Home as well mind.


Anyway I could sit here for days writing everything about you but I don’t need to. Just know you make us all so proud every single day.

Happy birthday my gorgeous boy. Thank you for 7 wonderful years off happiness & Stress! We love you all the world & More.

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