Stylpro brush cleaner, Love or hate it?


Do you feel the same as me & Hate cleaning your make-up brushes? It’s the worst job. So many hour wasted is the way I see it. Stylpro is the next best thing. Literally!

I’m in a make-up group & I seen a few people had posted about the Stylpro. Some loved it & Others didn’t so I was unsure. I mentioned it to my husband & He said I could go buy it.




I bought it when it was first released so boots was the only store that stocked it otherwise it was online. At the time it was £49.99. (I think it may be less now) It came with 3 sachets of the cleaning liquid but I decided to buy a bottle separate for around £10 because they wouldn’t last long.


Contents of the Stylpro


Me personally I love this little gadget, It’s pricey but so worth it. Who doesn’t want something that not only cleans their brushes but also makes them completely dry in seconds. Perfect for make-up artists.

It’s so easy to use too. You literally fill the bowl with a little amount of water, Pour a small amount of solution in & find the right silicone holder that fits your brush, Attach the Stylpro & You’re ready to go. You just dip the brush in a few times. Don’t put it in past the bristles! Lift it out of the liquid once done, Turn the Stylpro on & Watch it Do it’s magic. It’s quite amazing how much comes off your brushes. While it’s spinning it’s also drying. Bloody amazing!



If you have it or decide to purchase it, Let me know your thoughts.

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*This is in no way a sponsored post, I bought this product myself & My review is my honest opinion, Just as it always will be*

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