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You do you.


Lately I have came across so many people being trolled. I haven’t really noticed it before but that is probably down to my own ignorance to it all. After all they are trolls and that’s it. Bullies actually! They don’t deserve mine or your time. You are better than them, Remember that!

Of course I’m not stupid, I know it happens. You see a lot of celebrities being trolled all the time and you know about it because the celebrities are out there. Little fish like you and I aren’t. But that’s by the by, No one deserves to be trolled. We see so many people taking their life because they are being bullied & Trolled so bad. So why is this still allowed to happen? It’s disgusting.


For instance I was watching a lady do her make up on a live video the other day. She was being trolled because of her weight. Who even does this? She is happy the way she is so why are others so bothered? Apparently she had to stop applying make-up before she got more “fat” (Their words not mine) The things being said was down right disgusting. She never said anything to them they just came on & Abused her. Do people really have nothing better to do? She said it was fine when her many of followers defended her (rightly so) because she is thick skinned but it is not fine. This is what pushes people towards taking their own life. Who’s left hurting then?

If you are one of these people who troll people, Think about your actions. The things you say damages people. You are not only hurting that individual, you are also hurting their family & Friends! For what reason? You’re bored? Put yourself in their shoes! Would you like it? No you wouldn’t. So don’t do it to others! Treat them how you like to be treated.

Build each other up not bring each other down.

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