Accepting the truth

Body changes. Accepting the truth!

Body changes happen to us all.

It’s about time I come to realisation that I am still me but a new version. The old me has long gone, 6 years later & I still look at myself like the young 18 year old, Slim young lady I was. Trying on clothes & Getting disheartened because they don’t fit. But of course they don’t, My body has changed dramatically! Now I need to learn to accept the new me.

Yes I am not confident & I’m not sure I will be anytime soon. But everything takes time doesn’t it? I just need to embrace my new body. Truth be told I love being this curvy. As much as I love my babies I hate my mum tum! But I like the curves. I would be so so much confident if I didn’t have my mum tum. But again I need to accept it until I change it.

We are all beautiful.

There are so many women out there that I look up to. They embrace their body & Rock everything. Yet here is me & I look like a potato! Lol. I think once I have my skin all sorted I will be a lot more confident. (I am currently on accutane) It makes life a lot easier now that so many shops have a curve/plus-size range which also have all th trends in. There is nothing worse than going shopping & Coming back empty handed. While I am young & I don’t know exactly how I want to be, I’m going to work with what I have. Some decent shape wear will be amazing when I want to wear a dress or skinny jeans. So if you have any recommendations please please let me know.

No matter what shape & Size you are we are all beautiful! You may not think it but you are. Changes happen & Sometimes they are good changes, But they do take time getting used too. I know I don’t feel beautiful right now but I know deep down I am beautiful. WE ALL ARE.

I’m going to list a few of the ladies I look up to & Some of the shops I have found. Again if you know others that’s I don’t I would be grateful to know them.

You-tubers, also on instagram-

  1. Chanel Ambrose
  2. Emma Hill
  3. Edee Beau
  4. Emily-Mermaid Gossip
  5. Grace Victory

Shops that I know of with a plus size range-

  1. Pretty little thing
  2. Boohoo
  3. ASOS
  4. Missguided
  5. River island
  6. Newlook
  7. Simply be

Stay you, Stay beautiful!

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*Disclaimer* Yes I know having curves doesn’t always make you plus size, But us plus size women do have curves too.

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