Miscarriage- Our Angel Baby

Miscarriage This post is one of the hardest posts I have written, I have had so many mixed emotions writing this from being emotional to being scared about the reaction it may get. Many many families face this everyday. It is estimated that around a quarter of a million in the UK alone each year sufferRead more

Big wedding, Small wedding, Does it really matter?

WHETHER ITS BIG OR SMALL WEDDING, DO IT FOR YOU! After planning & Booking our wedding 3 times & Each time have someone moan about it for one reason or another, It’s too far to travel. So you change cities & It’s still too far, (20 minutes in a taxi) I should be bridesmaid notRead more

The Life Of Being a Parent

So what is being a parent really like? As most of you know who have read my ‘A little about me’ post will know I become a mammy at the young age of 17. If you have not click here. It wasn’t easy that is for sure! Any amount of people judged me & StuckRead more

Living with depression & Anxiety!

Have you ever felt like the depression is literally taking over your life? I have not felt myself for a few weeks now & I just know it’s the depression doing what it does best. I feel like I have been sucked in to a dark black hole & Just can’t seem to climb out.Read more