Going back home to Newcastle.

HELLO NEWCASTLE! This weekend we headed back home, Back up to Newcastle to see our family. We travelled through the night so it would be easier, No traffic, The boys slept through & So did our dog coco. Never had such a pleasant quite drive. We left at roughly 1:30am, Hubby slept a few hours beforeRead more

My birth story with Oscar.

 THE SECOND BEST DAY OF OUR LIVES 17TH OF JULY 2014 Due date!! The day before I celebrated my birthday & Went for what we thought would be our last check up with midwife to check how Oscar was doing. But no that wasnt the last time, I went back on the 23rd for aRead more

Mental Health Awareness Week! 

Mental Health Awareness! So this week is mental health awareness week, A subject that is very rarely spoke about, A subject that should be spoke about more! So many people suffer but don’t feel like they can talk about it.   Speak up about mental health!  I know I didn’t want too, I felt ashamedRead more