Happy 7th birthday Edward!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FIRST BORN. WOW! I can’t even tell you where these 7 years have gone? It doesn’t feel like 7 years ago that I met you for the first time. I remember that day, So very clear. Of course I do it was the 1st best day of my life. 7 happy yearsRead more

My birth story with Oscar.

 THE SECOND BEST DAY OF OUR LIVES 17TH OF JULY 2014 Due date!! The day before I celebrated my birthday & Went for what we thought would be our last check up with midwife to check how Oscar was doing. But no that wasnt the last time, I went back on the 23rd for aRead more

My birth story with Edward.

 A DAY THAT ALL US PARENTS WILL REMEMBER FOREVER… Here was the day we had all been waiting for, My due date. Friday the 13th of January 2011. Would I give birth today? Would my story start today? I was so ready to meet him! I loved feeling his kicks & Little hiccups but IRead more

Is It Possible To Love A second Child?

Can I love my second child the same as my first? From the moment the test came up positive, The excitement & Happiness filled my body. I was home alone as hubby was working nights, I sat in this little bubble for a good 15 minutes before I started to function again. I was shockedRead more